All good things …

This post has nothing to do with programming in general, but since my 40th birthday is coming closer and closer I think it’s a good time to conserve some work of my childhood here.

More than 25 years ago I read an interesting book containing a chapter with blueprints of wooden cube puzzles. After building multiple puzzles by means of the pictured blueprints, I decided to design my own. Unfortunately the original version made of wood got lost over time. Since I needed a playground project to start with babylon.js I created a digital version. Here is the result:

The live version is hosted on Orionhub, source and Blender model can be found here.

The cube is not perfectly symmetrical. Anyway I think it looks pretty cool. And of course I can definitively not guarantee whether this puzzle was not already designed by someone else:) Let me know if you have seen it before, thanks!